Gulet For Sale Istanbul

we promote gulets which are worthy of the asking price, which means we check each and every gulet before listing them in our gulet for sale istanbul portfolio in order to maintain the company reputation which we have built during the last 30 years .

we check and prescreen all the tehcnical specifications of such gulet for sale istanbul in order to respond our clients who take our word and trust in our expertise with adecuate information. new generation Steel hull gulets are stronger and have an advantage on winter maintanence compared to traditional wooden gulets, while new generation and recently built epoxy laminated mahogany hull is very reliable and seaworthy. however ease of repair  and maintanence of of steel hull gulets for sale istanbul are superior to traditional wooden gulets , meanwhile steel hull gulet for sale istanbul are more spacious than the same size wooden gulet for sale istanbul due to less space lost during construction.

Gulet For Sale Istanbul

gulets for sale istanbul built gulets are quite distinctive from the southern built gulets in Bodrrum, marmaris , fethiye etc. with their radical design and high quality craftmanship. which is very easy to recognize with an expert eye as well as interior design and modern aestethics are far better than others. Gulet for sale istanbul design and construction technics imposed by Tuzla Istanbul boatyards has always been setting standards and appreciated by the rest of the gulet builders.
Steel hull gulet for sale istanbul construction yachts are very popular due to their quality, strength and ease of maintanence that made steel hull gulet for sale istanbul is preferred by gulet buyers..

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