Bosphorus Sightseeing Tours. Bosphorus Sightseeing Tours

A stay in Istanbul is not complete without the traditional and unforgettable bosphorus yacht excursion, the winding strait of Bosphorus that separates two continents, Europe and Asia. her beautiful shores offer a delightful mixture of the past and present, grand splendor and simple elegance. Modern hotels stand next to waterfront villas, marble palaces, rustic stone fortresses, and elegant compounds neighbor simple small fishing villages. The best way to see the Bosphorus is onboard one of our daily excursions or a private charter of a yacht if you are traveling in a group of friends or family. If you care for a private trip , you may contact one of the agents who specialize in organizing day or night cruises.

During the Bosphorus cruise you glide through the magnificent Dolmabahce Palace, along rise the green parks and imperial pavilions of Yildiz Palace. at the edge of this park, at the coast, stands the Ciragan Palace now restored as a georgeous five star hotel . First Refurbished in 1874 by Sultan Abdulaziz, it stretches for 300 meters along the Bosphorus shore, and her ornamented marble facades reflecting the swiftly moving water. At Ortakoy, the next stop, artists gather every Sunday to exhibit their works in a street side gallery. The variety of people create a lively scene, overshadowing the traditional architecture of the village, the Bosphorus Bridge, one of the world’s largest suspension bridges, links both comntinents Europe and Asia.

The beautiful Beylerbeyi Palace lies just past the bridge on the Asian side. Behind the palace rises Camlica Hill, You can drive there to admire the magnificent panorama of Istanbul as well as the beautiful landscaped gardens. On the opposite shore, the Ottoman villas of Arnavutkoy contrast with the luxurious modern apartments of neighboring Bebek. A few kilometers farther out, facing each other across the straits like sentries guarding the city, stand the fortresses of Rumeli Hisari and Anadolu Hisari. The Goksu Palace, sometimes known as Kucuksu Palace graces the Asian shore next to the Anadolu Hisari. The recently completed second link between the two continents, the Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge straddles the waterway just past the two fortresses. From Duatepe Hill, on the European side, you can admire the magnificent panorama of the bridge and the Bosphorus. Below Duatepe, the beautiful Emirgan Park with its delightful pavilions bursts with color when the tulips bloom in the spring.

Bosphorus Sightseeing Tours

Opposite on the Asian shore is Kanlica, a fishing village now a favored suburb for wealthy Istanbulites. Crowds gather in the restaurants and cafes along its shores to sample its famous yogurt. Shortly after Kanlica, at Cubuklu, the Hidiv Palace emerges from a tranquil grove. Now a hotel, the palace buzzes with the activity of concerts and conferences.

Past the Hidiv Palace, the Beykoz Korusu (Abraham Pasa) Korusu Woods are a popular retreat. Complete with cafes and restaurants you can enjoy the delightful views and clear fresh air. On the European side, at Tarabya Bay, yachts seem to dance at their moorings. The coast road bustles with taverns and fish restaurants from Tarabya until the charming villages of Buyukdere and Sariyer. A little further on the narrow strait widens and disappears into the Black Sea.

The Golden Horn, a horn-shaped estuary, divides European Istanbul. One of the best natural harbors in the world, the Byzantine and Ottoman navies and commercial shipping interests were centered here. Today, lovely parks and promenades line the shores. In the setting sun, the water shines a golden color. At Fener, a neighborhood midway up the Golden Horn, whole streets of old wooden houses and churches date from Byzantine times. The Orthodox Patriarchy resides here. Eyup, a little further up, reflects the Ottoman style of vernacular architecture. Cemeteries sprinkled with dark cypress trees cover the hillsides. It is always busy here with pilgrims coming to the tomb of Eyup in the hope that their prayers will be granted. The Pierre Loti Cafe atop the hill overlooking the shrine is a wonderful place to enjoy the tranquillity of the view. Bosphorus Sightseeing Tours

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